Training and workshops

Business training:

Our Organization provides training to companies in the area of ​​violence prevention with the aim of equipping company personnel with practical tools that will allow them to identify and interrupt any situation of violence.

 This type of training allows companies to improve the quality of life of their workers, reducing the levels of stress that a home immersed in violence generates. This impacts on the increase in productivity since the employees will be able to concentrate on their work, which will generate more income for the company and also improve the health of the employees.

Training open to the public:

The Ideas Lab project also offers accessible training for people of all ages with the idea of ​​providing tools that serve the population

Basic Programming Vacations:

We teach children and adolescents to program with simple and practical tools that stimulate creativity, teamwork and problem solving, generating interest in technology.

Workshop on monitoring and evaluation of social enterprises:

This workshop is the continuation of the technical design workshop of projects and social enterprises, in this workshop you will learn to:

  • Identify indicators
  • Perform the impact metric
  • Carrying out the project matrix (Logical framework)

These tools will allow you to measure the social impact of your project

Practical workshop on technical design of projects and social enterprises

This workshop is aimed at social agents, students and professionals from different areas, who through this workshop will be able to count on tools to better develop their social project or company and apply for it in a competitive manner.