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This project was created in March 2021 within the WAWAS program, because in February of the same year a deplorable reality could be identified. Due to the physical closure of schools for more than a year, only students with good economic conditions have access to education, since they need to have a computer and internet access every day. This situation turns even more complicated if there are more than one student per family, because more computers or devices connected to the internet are needed to access classes. In this scenario, there are many families that cannot meet these conditions therefore, they cannot keep their children in the school system, or in the best of cases, they manage to provide internet and one device for a single student, preferably opting for boys to finish their school education and not girls.

These facts doom many girls and teenagers to stay at home and take over household responsibilities, which, are no longer only for the family unit, but also for other relatives or close friends with whom they shar food or housing in order to reduce living expenses during this economic crisis. Therefore, our greatest concern is not being able to help our girls due to the interruption of the usual communication channels and their isolation.

In this context, we want to offer these girls who have lost perspective, the possibility of being in contact with other girls in their age and being able to carry out a productive activity that helps them to continue developing within society and, not to stay behind along this educational crisis. Furthermore, we also want to remain close to the girls in order to pat attention to any potential kind of abuse against them and, in the worst case, to provide assistance if they happen to suffer any type of violence.

Project overarching goal:

The main goal of the project is to form female soccer teams with girls among 13 to 17 years old from public schools who have been relegated from virtual education, in order to get them off risk of any abuse, stimulate their leadership and train them professionally in this discipline, through the strengthening and development of their soft skills, turning them into agents of change for violence prevention and female empowerment.