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Urban Garden Project

This project arises in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of schools in our country, which has created significant challenges for online education, especially for those who lack adequate access to the Internet. With schools reopening in April 2022, we have identified difficulties in reintegrating students, such as bullying and lack of connection with their peers.

Consequently, we are carrying out a reintegration project focused on agri-environmental activities. With a focus on environmental awareness and community participation, the project seeks to rebuild school dynamics and strengthen the bonds between children, parents and teachers.

Among the primary objectives of the project are:

Raise awareness among children and parents about the importance of the planet and environmental responsibility.
Train the school community to grow their own crops and manage waste sustainably.
Encourage the formation of cooperative groups and the active participation of students in the process.

So far, we have achieved positive results in terms of cohesion, cooperation and leadership. Participants have demonstrated skills in leading training sessions and are actively contributing to the creation of a compost bin at the school