Benefits of sanitizer "Oportunidad"

For some months now, we have been using sanitizer on a daily basis due to the pandemic and its implementation has been so transcendental that now it is rare that it is absent from any medical center, food court or school and it has become a necessity to take it when we go out street and we do not have soap and water available to disinfect our hands.

Our sanitizer ´´OPORTUNIDAD´´ is formulated with 70% ethyl alcohol, this makes it ideal to fight gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts and many viruses such as Hepatitis type Virus A, and Hepatitis Type Virus B In addition, the addition of glycerin allows you to keep your hands soft and avoid drying the skin.


Now we will give you 4 tips to use sanitizer in different ways:

  1. Object disinfectant: With a few drops of sanitizer on a cloth or cotton, you can leave your computer, television or cell phone, free of stains and bacteria.
  2. Lens Cleaner: With a special lens cloth and a few drops of sanitizer, the lenses of your glasses will be shiny.
  3. Eliminate the glob from surfaces: If you see that you have a sticky window, or the surface of your kitchen furniture is dirty, apply gel alcohol and you will see that those annoying stains come out immediately.
  4. Removes paint stains: If a few days ago you painted your house and there were a few spots left on tiles or ceramics, use sanitizer to leave your house without any trace of paint.