"Seguro para mi mejor amigo" Project

 The safe project my best friend was executed from 2016 to 2017 with the objective of providing veterinary assistance to animals in the street or with families with limited resources.
The project was in charge of raising funds through the contributions of people affiliated through a contract for a minimum term of one year with a monthly contribution of 26 BOB. All these contributions were centralized in a fund that was used to provide veterinary free services.
The project was disseminated in various media and social networks during implementation, and mass awareness campaigns were carried out in public squares and radio programs in order to reduce the street dog population.

Overarching Goal:

Generate a means of protection for homeless pets or other pets from low-income families, so that they have timely and efficient free veterinary assistance in case of need, thus protecting their lives and physical integrity as an essential value.

We have obtained the affiliation of 17 members who have made regular contributions, there have also been inconsistent contributors who have breached their contracts, but in the case of voluntary contributions we have not insisted on collection. The collection has allowed us the sterilization, surgeries, deworming, feeding, various cures and medication of 92 animals, having also managed the sustainable adoption of them so that they do not return to the streets.