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"Agua Limpia para Todos" Project

This pilot project, titled “Clean Water for All”, has as its main objective to improve the living conditions of the T’simanne community in the department of Beni, located 3 hours from San Borja, in the Amazon region. The initiative focuses on providing access to drinking water through the free installation of filters in the community’s main aquifer source, coming from wells fed by a branched vein from the Maniqui River.

Our main objective is to implement a water filtration system to satisfy the vital needs of the beneficiary populations, allowing them access to drinking water for direct human consumption, personal hygiene and food preparation. The final purpose is to improve the quality of life of the community and promote the subsistence of its original indigenous culture.

This project not only seeks to address the basic needs of drinking water, but also contribute to the comprehensive development of the community, improving its health, hygiene and strengthening fundamental aspects of its community life.