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Daniela Valvidia

President & Founder

Being able to help someone is always a privilege that life grants us, honoring that situation is the least we can do to justify our existence.

Gabriela Rivas

Project Coordinator

Our work leads us to help many people who live in despair and sadness, to be able to do a grain of sand to help them get out of that is the greatest reward that life can give us.

Lic. Carmen Gutierrez


It is a real satisfaction to work in the Huellas & Futuro organization because beyond implementing various projects that provide an effective solution to different social problems, it mainly seeks the eradication of the greatest evil that afflicts humanity, violence.

Mijaela Pusarico

Accounting assistant

I feel immensely grateful to the Huellas & Futuro team for giving me the opportunity to be part of them that instill in us; Helping the people who need it most and doing it with humility, sincerity and above all from the heart, is a unique sensation that you feel and the power to help with the smallest thing fills us with a lot of happiness.

Maribel Balderrama

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

It is a privilege to be part of the Huellas & Futuro team, helping those in need it is not only part of our duty but also part of our happiness, when you need a friendly hand remember that we are there to help you.