7 women
80% of women
216 femicides
2206 women

Times of COVID-19   

It is important that during quarantine you know how to take care of your physical health but also your emotional well-being, here are some tips to help you out:
• Try not to get intoxicated with the devastating news from the whole world, it is good to be informed but it is not necessary to exaggerate.
• Try to have an active routine at least from Monday to Friday, inactivity could lead to depression.
• If you feel anxiety or loneliness, communicate with the people you trust, talk about your concerns and don’t hold back.
• Find a way to entertain yourself individually or with the family, board games and good reading are recommended.
• Look for new free ways to learn topics of your interest in the internet, there are endless convenient options to train in any area
• Eat a balanced menu composed of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, a complete diet is a way to strengthen the immune system.

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