7 women
80% of women
216 femicides
2206 women


During this unfortunate explosion of massive infections and deaths due to the third wave of COVID-19 in the department of Cochabamba, being close to Bolivian Mother’s Day and registering extremely low temperatures, Huellas & Futuro wanted to distribute a little hope to the most underserved families . In May 15, 2021 our team of volunteers visited the 15th district of Cochabamba delivering 1200 kilos of food including eggs, flour, rice, sugar, bread, noodles and oil; We have also provided with 240 rolls of toilet paper, 70 facemasks, more than 500 pieces of winter clothing and 70 liters of snitizer, benefiting more than 80 large families in entreme poverty.

These grants to the less privileged families of our city were possible thanks to the contributions and donations of good-hearted families and also part of the revenues generated in our project “Oportunidad Products”; Therefore, we want to express our deepest gratitude to those who contributed to this humanitarian assistance campaign and to the consumers of the Oportunidad made by Bolivian hands.

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