7 women
80% of women
216 femicides
2206 women


On March 2021 we have started with a new empowerment project for girls. We have realized that many of our girls have not fully access to the right to education due to the obstacles that virtual education presents for low-income families. It is important to give girls  a perspective to move forward.

Moreover, within our WAWAS program, we have launched a call for our girls from public schools who want to form and be part of a female soccer team. The main objectives are to achieve their leadership, put them out of the risk of abuse, train them professionally in a sports discipline, keep them in a network of containment with their peers, strengthen and develop their soft skills and turn them into agents of change for the prevention of violence and female empowerment.

In that context, we proudly introduce you to our first girls who are enthusiaslitcally training for their forthcoming selection process.

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